Healthy Choc Salted Caramel Slice

Before coming to New Zealand I didn't know much about the wonderful culinary experience that is slice. Then as I was integrated into the school system, it became a stable. When slice prices rose at the canteen, we revolted.
So it was a cold, autumn afternoon, I was studying my bum off and the c…

Letter of Intent

Dear reader,

Firstly thank you for being here. Just being on the other side of a computer and spending a moment on my creative outlet means the world to me. You're a beautiful human.

Secondly I'd like to layout the grounds of my blog, seeing as I haven't done this and by doing so I migh…

I'm Going to Uni?

I wasn’t supposed to go to university in 2019. But here I am. Prepping for, as I like/dislike to call it, debt.
The reason, I didn’t want to go, was (do not laugh at me for this, I’m putting my heart out on the line) a boy. Yes, little seventeen year old me, got sucked into the boyfriend hole. I did…

NY Resolutions I'm Keeping (for real)

So, a bout of inactivity hit me like a speeding bus. This is the part where I say I'm awfully sorry to my audience and vow to try my hardest to stay frequent with blog posts. But I've had enough blogger "comebacks" to know by now that this is pure (excuse my french) b.s.
In fact t…

No-nasty Muesli

Muesli, natures gift to lazy gals like me. It's full of nuts and seeds and fruit, so it's gotta be healthy right? Well it's a bit up for debate, though the sugar concentration is high in most commercially made muesli the fibre and minerals you get from it is beneficial.
But what if I t…

A Very Warm Welcome

This is the welcoming post to "The Day-to-Day" a blog I decided to start right before starting exam season in my last year of high school. That's that kinda gal I am.
My reasoning behind this blog is to not only document my gap year (and eventually the years at university - wherever …
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